As enterprises, individuals and a species, the current pandemic has forced us all out of our routines and “business as usual.”

The first action for most businesses is to ensure employees’ health, safety and productivity. Related to this, we must also address the challenges of work-from-home connectivity and remote collaboration.  The second priority is connecting with customers, clients, suppliers and partners.  The third imperative is confirming business continuity and building resilience. All of this must be accomplished amid the constraints of lockdowns, supply-chain uncertainty and volatile global markets.

In this environment, we believe that organizations will encounter the following situations:

  1. Increased need for scale and velocity, particularly by migrating business and operations to digital channels
  2. Greater focus on costs as they deal with an evolving and uncertain economic climate
  3. Surging demand for digital products and services to replace brick-and-mortar and in-person touchpoints
  4. Accelerated adoption of digital technologies in the areas of collaboration, supply chain, commerce, cloud and others
  5. Organizational efforts and initiatives to boost resilience and use current learnings to prepare for future disruptions

Businesses with a high degree of cloud maturity, robust digital platforms, high-performance teams and deep digital connections with their stakeholders will be the most resilient.  The ability to adapt, with technology-enabled human interfaces, will be a key differentiator as we define our “new normal.”

In this moment of need, we have assembled a collection of relevant capabilities and thought leadership that can help companies minimize business disruption while ensuring their employees’ well-being. Applicable across industries, these capabilities focus on critical aspects of business continuity to help enterprises react, recover and retain their organizational agility. We have organized them into four key areas: Managing the Employee and Workforce Experience, Leveraging Digital Technologies, Optimizing and Reimagining IT, and Increasing Organizational Resilience.

Please reach out to me or contact us about how we can be of help.

Rajan Kohli
President, Wipro Digital