Ensuring quality software development and improving productivity


As businesses around the world continue to maintain remote working and social distancing norms, delivering a compelling omnichannel customer experience is essential. Staying in step with customer demands requires a software development cycle that enables dev teams to work in an agile, efficient manner and consistently produce quality results.


Wipro’s Virtual Automation Engineer (VAE), powered by our Wipro HOLMES cognitive AI platform, is an automation solution that accelerates software development and ensures end-to-end software wellness. VAE enables predictable application health and infuses self-healing quality processes across the development lifecycle, delivering increased engineering productivity, shorter release cycles, and high-end user experiences with reduced costs.



The key benefits of Virtual Automation Engineer:

  • Quicker and more accurate quality testing founded on Wipro’s AI platform
  • 5X faster market releases, with a 30% boost in engineering productivity
  • Self-healing software capabilities, allowing minimal script maintenance 
  • Infinite scalability leveraging the power of the cloud
  • Anywhere access for colocated or remote teams due to compatibility with cloud-native environments
  • Infrastructure applicability based on VAE’s technology-agnostic framework


VAE uses virtual solutions that leverage advanced analytics to intelligently adapt to development needs. These solutions can automate quality-testing processes across the development lifecycle, empowering business analysts, developers, and test engineers to focus on delivering value rather than managing routine tasks. Their ability to address functional and nonfunctional quality needs (beyond just UI functional automation) can also deliver significant reductions in effort.


The VAE virtual solutions are:

  • GUI
  • Data
  • Mobile
  • API
  • Mainframe
  • Cloud

Build on Wipro’s IntelliAssure platform, the VAE solutions operate following these guiding principles:



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