Since 2016, Wipro’s Managed File Transfer as a Service (MFTaaS) solution has provided a unified, one-stop cloud-hosted platform that enables secure and reliable enterprise file transfers across all devices with an integrated capability to control, monitor, and audit files.


Wipro’s domain expertise and decades of experience in B2B integration (B2Bi) and file transfers are used to build this compliant, scalable, and agile B2B/MFT platform. The core capabilities of the platform include


  • High availability and a scalable functionality that extends to meet an enterprise’s growing end-to-end integration needs.
  • A robust B2B and MFT engine that adapts to emerging technology and market trends.
  • Multiple protocol support, process analytics, and gateways for partner and file management .
  • Security for files at rest and in motion with SOC-2 compliance.
  • Any-to-any data transformation capabilities for standard electronic data interchange (EDI) or custom nonstandard processes.


MFTaaS’s enhanced benefits


Our new and upgraded platform provides the following benefits across multiple areas of an enterprise’s B2B/MFT processes:


  • MFTaaS simplifies the integration of a variety of large and complex systems, reducing efforts and helping provide better user experiences.
  • The SaaS-based model offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model for infrastructure investments and reduces the total cost of operations.
  • It assures predictability, security, and performance for the enterprise and its trading partners.



On top of its core functionalities, MFTaaS is bundled with multiple frameworks, accelerators, and services that strengthen partner collaborations, B2B/MFT testing, EDI translations, integrated monitoring, and delivery:


  • Wipro’s Business Partner Onboarding Solution (BPOS) simplifies the user onboarding process through self-service portals, workflow-driven approvals, and automated profile creation.
  • Wipro’s Translation as-a-Service (TaaS) is a pay-per-use service utilizing APIs for translating data and provides any-to-any format translations. The service enables enterprises to transfer and transform data on an ad hoc basis.
  • Wipro’s Document Tracking Solution (DTS) delivers integrated monitoring at multiple levels, including application logs, transaction logs, and infrastructure health-checks.
  • Wipro’s Testing Accelerator is a framework that tracks communication with trading partners during the testing process and offers customized partner test cases, resulting in simplified and transparent testing operations.


Reimagine MFT processes to streamline operations and save costs


With MFTaaS’s host of capabilities and accelerators, we provide a strategic platform for the secure transfer and transformation of large data with ease, visibility, control, and auditability. Clients also benefit from the low CAPEX requirements and reduced effort in partner management. The service can be deployed even in low-bandwidth, high-latency systems.


Its range of advantages can enable enterprises to:


  • Reduce the total cost of ownership by up to 30%.
  • Adapt to emerging MFT technology and market trends in the B2B ecosystem, and fasten growth by 20%
  • Reduce time to market and the partner onboarding cycle by up to 40% with Wipro’s BPOS.
  • Decrease partner-based testing efforts by up to 54% using Wipro’s Testing Accelerator.
  • See a reduction in incident resolution times of up to 20% using Wipro’s DTS.


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