Enterprises worldwide recognize the benefits of adopting a hybrid architecture to modernize applications and retain mainframes. Yet 220+ billion lines of COBOL code, 80% of corporate structured data, and 55% of all transactions globally are still executed on legacy systems. Though the promise of modernization is clear, businesses face numerous challenges on their journey. Wipro’s Legacy Modernization portfolio can help overcome those challenges.


Wipro’s services are globally recognized. Our team of 2,500+ professionals pioneered the global delivery model and today combine traditional onsite/nearshore/offshore services with a first-of-its-kind hybrid-private-crowd sourcing model to provide coverage and service without compromising quality.


We understand that each enterprise’s needs are different and require solutions that are unique and tailored. Leveraging Wipro’s Legacy Modernization center of excellence, companies can complete the training most-relevant to them while building the tools they need to drive automation, improve productivity, and achieve tangible business results. By utilizing Wipro’s best-in-class mainframe modernization offerings, companies can realize the full potential of mainframe, integrate with enterprise hybrid architecture to meet the needs of business stakeholders and customers, and optimize their total cost of ownership.


The Legacy Modernization Process

Legacy modernization begins with Strategy Assessment and Services. The full top-down, domain-driven assessment typically takes 8-12 weeks depending upon the size of the application estate, with a rapid assessment complete in just 2-4 weeks. This process identifies program flows and dependencies while building a functional understanding of the best path forward and most-appropriate tools for modernization success.


We follow a six-pillar approach to assessment that uses design thinking to deliver a Modernization Roadmap and Mainframe Exit Strategy in 8-12 weeks. This roadmap includes an exhaustive list of modernization options, pros and cons for each, a cost/benefit analysis, and recommendations for the best fit and target state.


Wipro’s Mainframe In-Place Modernization Services enable customers on mainframe systems to incrementally modernize applications, application development, maintenance, and support to reduce tickets and improve productivity. The practice works in close collaboration with IBM and other industry-leading partners to bring out the best offerings of in-place modernization: DevOps, AI/ML, Federated Data Analytics and Hybrid cloud integration with Red Hat OpenShift, and MIPS optimization.


Why Seek Alternative Solutions to Move Mainframe Workloads to the Cloud?

Organizations recognize that low-cost, scaled-out infrastructure can deliver the performance and transaction throughput required by the most complex of business applications. Migrating to the cloud also promises continuous availability, enabling companies to meet the Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability expectations of the business.


Wipro’s modernization capabilities, TmaxSoft OpenFrame paired with Dell EMC’s enterprise-class infrastructure solutions, offer a one-stop shop for efficient mainframe modernization with application rehosting. In just 2-3 days, companies receive a fast-track assessment of their current mainframe environment with a business case that often shows a 50-75% reduction in TCO. Our agile and flexible multi-tiered technology stack also enables companies to integrate applications and data more easily with VMware integration.


This speed extends to re-hosting workloads on Azure, driven by Micro Focus toolsets and our own IPs and automated utilities, reducing companies’ time to market by 50%. After migrating mainframe workloads to managed Azure instances, companies can rely on Wipro’s significant managed-services experience and service automation using Micro Focus tools delivered through Wipro Cloud Studio, guaranteeing continuous support. Re-hosting on Azure has helped organizations future-proof their mainframe workloads and make applications accessible 24×7 from any device or location.


Application Re-engineering and Retirement

Wipro’s ModerniZ platform brings the best market products and in-built accelerators to modernize all application layers. Leveraging transcoding products (Uniquesoft, Evolveware, others) and vFunction (dynamic application analysis), Wipro helps companies transform monolithic legacy applications into microservices, containerize them, and deploy them onto a modern cloud infrastructure, thereby achieving 10x transformation acceleration in moving to a cloud-native architecture.


Our re-engineering approach consists of:

  • UI modernization – a low-code/no-code approach to transform legacy screens into angular
  • Language remediation – a tool-based translation, code analysis, NLP-based pattern identification and remediation
  • Application refactoring – identify services, extract create mini/micro services, SQL conversion, and
  • Database migration – convert legacy SQL and functions to target database SQLs and data object and data migration


Our approach to application retirement removes the risks and complexities often associated with app decommissioning. This enables IT organizations to successfully retire legacy applications to meet compliance objectives while maintaining data access for users. Retiring legacy applications creates instant cost savings by freeing staff for more important assignments, eliminating licensing and maintenance fees, and enabling IT to repurpose valuable production hardware.

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