DevOps can help enterprises improve their business agility, time to market, and operational stability. But what, precisely, is DevOps? Several things:


  • A philosophy focused on continuous value creation through increased collaboration among all SDLC stakeholders
  • A business process model for core engineering practices that identifies opportunities for continuous improvement
  • A cultural change that makes collaborative software development with core engineering principles and automation a way of working
  • A set of engineering tools and coded compliance that helps achieve engineering agility


DevOps is now extending into multiple avatars like DevSecOps, BizDevOps and others. Wipro Digital, with our deep understanding of the role DevOps plays in digital transformation, can help in this regard.


What We Offer

Our comprehensive consulting framework introduces DevOps into clients’ organization during various phases of DevOps implementation.

  • DevOps strategy design, consulting, and governance
  • Continuous Delivery maturity assessment and roadmap definition
  • Federated CI-CD platform design/build/rollout support
  • DevSecOps Platform: The Digital Rig for platform-driven transformation
  • CI-CD as a service model, with tools management and onboarding support
  • OCM, Training, gamification and competency management
  • Engineering Value stream management and entitlement analysis


We evaluate adoption across the spectrum of the software delivery lifecycle, covering the 16 dimensions of DevOps. This approach considers every aspect, from build, continuous integration, and continuous deployment to continuous testing, environment and configuration management, and release management. Our continuous delivery framework builds enterprise agility by enabling various parts of the enterprise to work cohesively and achieve a cultural transformation and mindset shift. DevOps practices within this framework bring in engineering agility and ensure a left shift in quality.


Our industrialized approach helps accelerate federated DevOps adoption in large enterprises that are multi-modal, heterogenous, multi-partner and need inflight transformation.


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