Continuing education, once common in only a few professions, has become a mainstay in the reskilled, agile world. Whether compelled by management or internal curiosity, people learn new skills more easily when they’re truly interested in what’s being taught. To help companies ignite that desire among their employees, we help enterprises conceptualize, design, and develop learning solutions that engage learners’ mind and heart.


What We Do

Wipro’s personalized learning solutions align strategy, creative design, and internal communications to deliver innovative and customizable solutions. With a centralized portfolio of learning resources, we help businesses design modern, contextual, and impactful learning solutions that inspire the type of creativity, clarity, and speed that companies and employees alike demand.


Our proven expertise in producing and distributing micro-learning content enables us to serve more than 500,000 learners. This is an asset not only for large enterprises, but for any business whose employees and partners continue to operate from remote locations. In addition, we have comprehensive experience in implementing, supporting, and maintaining Learning Management Systems (LMS) and a strong partner network with the leading LMS companies.


How We Do It

We support enterprises’ investments in training and talent development by deploying learning solutions that align with existing business conditions. Connecting the learning solutions with business strategies in this way helps “make the right noise” and empowers the organization to draw direct connections between its learning and development goals and its strategic imperatives.


Our “think small, deliver big” methodology breaks down learning objects into smaller chunks, packaging them in a manner that delivers a superior learning experience and positive business outcomes. We also leverage a strong partner network to design, develop, implement, and evaluate new-age programs that ensure long-term sustainability and adoption of the learning transformation.

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