Wipro and regulation compliance experts Heliocor have teamed up to offer a simplified and intelligent identity management system solution, IntelliID. It allows for speedier customer onboarding, know your customer (KYC) verification (for both identity and documents), biometric checks (covering selfies and liveness), anti-money laundering (AML) screening, and risk assessments.


The solution integrates Wipro’s proprietary Cognitive Content Automation platform with Heliocor’s Dokstor, an artificial intelligence–enabled, multichannel, end-to-end client onboarding and lifecycle management tool. Together they provide a robust, secure, and exceptionally intuitive solution that effortlessly captures, verifies, and maintains digital identities with minimal human intervention.


The solution is a powerful ensemble of intelligent technologies, such as next-generation biometric services, smart optical character recognition (OCR), AI, pattern recognition, natural language processing, machine learning, and advanced analytics. Its biometric authentication capabilities empower organizations to effectively handle identity classification, identity extraction, and forensic analysis for identifying document tampering, and it provides cloud-enabled data storage.


Wipro’s IntelliID also facilitates common interactions between employer and employees, citizens and governments, institutions and scholars, public and private service providers, and many more, including consumers, asset owners, and taxpayers. Its digital ID verification features offer the power to streamline banking, government, education, benefits, and employment engagements.


The IntelliID service catalogue broadly covers three pillars: biometric, risk and compliance, and operational.



  • Facial recognition: This simple process involves capturing an image, detecting an individual or subject from the image, and finally comparing the subject with existing records to gather further details.
  • Signature detection: IntelliID captures an individual’s signature through a signature panel, a document, or image. The pressure matrix, tracing, and speed are analysed and compared to submitted documents or database records.
  • Liveliness detection: IntelliID distinguishes between an image (with imitated movement) and a real-life person to prevent online fraud and identity theft.


Risk & Compliances

  • Risk assessment: IntelliID’s risk score enables organizations to assess their customers and thereby improve customer interactions and management.
  • AI-enabled document verification: OCR engines extract data from uploaded documents, interpret the data, and then verify it.
  • Forensic analysis: The tool conducts a pixel-level analysis of document images to verify quality and ensure no tampering or manipulation has occurred.
  • Integrated automated AML screening: Enterprises can verify if a customer is considered a politically exposed person or criminal, or included on a sanctions or other special interest list through a process compliant with AML and national and international counter-terrorism financing laws.
  • Integrated external data sources: Data extracted from submitted documents can be validated against external sources.
  • GDPR compliant: IntelliID fully meets the the E.U.’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance standards.



  • Advanced electronic signature: The solution provides signers with a unique identification signature containing a certificate that electronically guarantees the person’s identity.
  • To help organizations turn a resource-intense process into a more seamless, easy operation for on-the-go team members, IntelliID can become part of an organization’s mobile app.
  • API and system integration: Internal and third-party systems can be easily integrated with the platform.
  • Access management: Organizations can efficiently manage and restrict users’ ability to read, write, edit, modify, or delete files, data, or information.
  • Case management, workflows, and audit trails:


As an end-to-end digital identity management tool, IntelliID delivers a complete intelligent solution for handling many critical tasks, including:


  • e-KYC processes for financial services.
  • Digital ID verifications for customer onboarding onto third-party partner, institutional, or vendor ecosystems.
  • Digital tax filing.
  • Automated background verifications.
  • Formalized business registrations.
  • Facilitated talent matching.
  • Streamlined registration and authentication tasks.
  • Streamlined e-government services.
  • Direct disbursement of government benefits.


With IntelliID, organizations can innovate their digital identification management operations and deliver frictionless experiences to employees, partners, and customers.

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