Wipro Open DX has the skills and expertise to help organizations deliver on sales objectives and allows our customers to “replace the agency.” We do the heavy lifting and improve on all the 4 parameters: visual scale, cost, complexity, and time to efficiently produce enormous amounts of high-quality content.


We are add value, innovation, and interconnected digital experiences and collaborate with you through your digital and marketing strategy needs, creative execution, implementation, digital production and adaptation, managing complexity on a global scale and reducing risk by ensuring you aren’t locked into a vendor’s product and service roadmap.


We help businesses deliver via our partnership with Acquia, the fastest rising open digital experience and customer data platform on the market. Together, we provide a full suite of automation and process management products and tools to streamline and scale digital marketing operations. Our tools include:


  • Themes – Customize brand site UI with pre-defined themes and templates
  • Campaign studio – Orchestrate the customer journey across touch points for omnichannel experience through retargeting and optimization
  • Campaign factory – Extend brand reach and implement multiple campaigns
  • Digital asset mgmt. – Organize and control brand assets with a centralized cloud-based library to build and scale
  • Customer data platform – Listen to and hear from customers for rich insights to drive seamless experiences and engagement
  • Product information management – Coordinate and organize marketing content, technical data and digital assets across channels and experiences into one system to streamline process improvement and content distribution through automation


Our SLA-based digital services empower marketing teams to take control of content and channel using a platform with upfront cost transparency. Replace the Agency empowers the entire organization to run marketing operations, managing brand and message consistency and pooling data for personalized customer journeys, not worrying about platform crashing courtesy of a traffic spike. Instead, teams can stay focused on driving ROI.


Market Dynamics at Play


With consent-driven democratization of data, customers today want real-time personalization across channels, at the same time seeking control of its usage. While marketers are often forced to lower dollar spending and bring KPI discussions to the forefront, every marketing and IT effort today needs to enhance customer experience and impact sales with the least investment.


Opportunity at Hand


  • Bring people, processes, tools and IT stack, assets, metrics, and goals in an alignment to deliver relevant and engaging experience across all customer touch points in a centralized hub
  • Integrate all decentralized operating models, siloed planning, and budgeting of plethora of independent agencies and new media partners, with a one unified solution
  • Build and manage a portfolio of regulated, compliant, branded digital content accessible for anyone at any time
  • Analyse billions of datapoints from CRM, sales, media channel distribution and social media conversations in a data centre and prioritize customer sentiments to focus on transparent communication with consumers
  • Be bullish about emerging open DXP amidst a crowded technology landscape to empower everyone to contribute and execute with modernization on a common platform, an effective personalization strategy that maps digital messages to audience channel preferences
  • Extract the full value of open source, scalable cloud architecture capabilities by investing in low-code/no-code platforms to resolve integration issues across the org’s IT stack, data centre and DevOps


So how do we find the magic “Sweet Spot” between control and empowerment?


Organizations will find value in long-term investments that help them improve performance, scalability, and accessibility while reducing business risks and costs as they continuously evolve on customer and channel experiences.


There is no direct correlation between technology investments and profitable growth unless investments are focused on targeted capabilities augmented with the right operating model and implementation skills.


We are the right partner to help businesses drive value and take cost out of the content operations.

What you’ve read here? Tip of the iceberg. Are you ready to be part of the excitement?