The rise of technology in marketing has opened avenues for chief marketing officers to improve their MarTech capabilities. Wipro’s Personalized Cross-Channel Campaign solution ensures successful, marketer-ready technology implementation through service design and rapid prototyping. We accelerate the execution process through our Digital Experience Platform (DXP) from reusable components to as-a-service model.


Wipro’s Personalized Cross-Channel Campaign solution enables organizations to dynamically recommend the most relevant offer, content, action plan, and medium to customers.


Key takeaways

  • Understand unique customer segments through micro-targeting and crafting relevant campaigns for each segment
  • Enable marketers to orchestrate a cross-channel approach to provide a consistent brand experience across channels
  • Customize a unique journey for each user by deriving insights from engagement data across channels
  • Increase marketing program agility through Wipro’s Digital Experience Platform


Key benefits

  • Provide consistent brand messaging to customers across digital and physical touchpoints
  • Design, manage, and deliver personalized and synchronized multichannel experiences for customers
  • Automate the delivery of relevant content and contextualized offers across the customer journey
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