The concept of a “paperless enterprise” carries far more importance than saving resources; it can help businesses operate with improved agility and scale. Powered by powerful intelligent technologies, Paperless Enterprise helps organizations turn manual and paper-based processes into automated, uninterrupted and digital workflows that are legally binding and globally secure.


Paperless Enterprise enables companies to build adaptive forms by leveraging backend data APIs and Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Forms, and to convert existing physical documents into digital versions using Adobe Scan. Intelligent document workflows can then be constructed using proprietary Cognitive Content Automation and Wipro’s Intelligent Content as a Service (iCaaS), along with powerful workflow tools from AEM. The final step, enabling e-signatures, allows organizations to access and sign documents at any time and from any device, completing the end-to-end digital process and maintaining productivity even when stakeholders work remotely.


This combination empowers companies to build, manage and deploy documents, forms and workflows using streamlined processes that take full advantage of natural language processing, pattern and visual recognition, AI/ML, and interactive interfaces. Such an end-to-end transformation delivers easy all-digital solutions for many critical situations, including:


  • Onboarding (employees, customers, suppliers, etc.)
  • Legal Contracting (NDAs, Policies, Agreements, etc.)
  • Enrollment Forms (Loans, Services, etc.)
  • Compliance and Government-Form Digitization
  • Procurement (Orders, Invoices, etc.)
  • Clinical Trials (Volunteer sign-up, etc.)
  • Customer Self-Service (Insurance claims, data changes, etc.)


Becoming a paperless enterprise enables organizations to meet even the most-demanding customer requirements in a mobile-friendly manner. Easy to deploy and use, requiring minimal investment and highly maintainable, Wipro’s Paperless Enterprise helps enterprises advance their digital transformation and realize a variety of benefits.


  • Digitized Experience. Create digital form-fill and signing experiences that unfold in seconds for users located anywhere and with any device.
  • Document Efficiency. Create digital documents with accuracy and have them reviewed, revised and electronically signed quickly and easily.
  • Visibility. Empower stakeholders to access, track and manage documents on-demand and in real time.
  • Improved Productivity. Boost users’ performance and adoption of the solution via integration with popular enterprise applications (e.g. Office, Salesforce, Workday).
  • Security and Compliance. Transform paper-based processes to traceable digital workflows that are compliant with broad legal requirements and stringent security standards.
  • Cloud Document Storage. Leverage AI to securely classify, unify and store documents via the cloud for efficient collaboration.


The following pages offer further information about the Paperless Enterprise:

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