By 2023, 67% of large field-service organizations will equip field technicians with applications, up from less than 1% in 2019. These apps are intended to improve efficiency and boost customer satisfaction, yet they also underscore the challenge many global organizations have effectively tracking, monitoring and managing their field force in real time. Faced with information delays and inaccurate data, organizations are turning to technology to overcome bottlenecks between dispatchers and field workers, and to gain visibility into their workforce operations.


Our Field Service and Workforce Management practice has dedicated labs focused on deploying solutions that enable fast, effective and precise service delivery. This combination benefits organizations by reducing the cost per mile, maximizing resource utilization based on use and capacity, gathering information for asset maintenance, and facilitating improved decision-making even in offline mode.



Our Field Service and Workforce Management solutions enable companies to:


  • Enhance productivity: Field agents can increase their efficiency with task details such as optimal routing, lists of the spare parts and tools required, customer contact numbers, etc. sent directly to their mobile phone.
  • Go paperless: Eliminating paperwork reduces the risk of manual errors and improves the accuracy of information collected.
  • Leverage automation: Equipping agents with GPS tracking, along with dynamic scheduling based on location, saves organizations time and effort.
  • Minimize costs: Optimizing and predicting routes for field service agents reduces fuel costs.
  • Conduct real-time inventory management: Real-time tracking of spare parts and materials empowers companies to quickly notify field service technicians in case of shortages.
  • Track equipment: Monitoring the health and status of field equipment promotes longevity, while providing remote assistance to field agents can accelerate repairs.
  • Optimize scheduling: Allocating tasks to the proper field agents can be done more precisely and effectively by matching agents’ skills to the tasks at hand


Additionally, Wipro offers a variety of add-ons and accelerators for various products and services to ensure maximum productivity for any organization’s field-service team.


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