Meeting the demands of changing markets and modern customers requires large organizations to design and deploy omni-channel apps. This requires input from different lines of business, which can be challenging when siloed ways of working impede communication, stifle progress, delay time-to-market, and ultimately leave little room for innovation.


Wipro’s mobile engineering lab helps transform businesses and empowers them to deliver integrated applications. Our integrated model standardizes business processes, streamlines and consolidates demands, and delivers measurable outcomes leveraging the right skills and tools.


The mobile engineering lab incubates and establishes enterprise-scale mobility while supporting companies’ efforts to build a product-centric IT organization. Using this solution, enterprises can design a high-scale and agile model to address business and strategic needs while standardizing technologies and processes across the organization. The mobile engineering lab also helps companies optimize their total cost of ownership with minimal value leakage.



Wipro’s mobile engineering lab helps organizations realize multiple benefits across the enterprise, including:

  • Optimized costs
  • Improved delivery quality
  • Scaling best practices across multiple lines of business
  • Achieving effective and measurable outcomes
  • Taking advantage of a managed-services model
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