Organizations have long understood how digital transformation can improve their efficiency and create new revenue streams. While incorporating digital technologies throughout their company, they’ve discovered that modern web and mobile apps can also be critical elements in their business and engagement strategies.


Wipro’s Interaction Engineering service helps enterprises create seamless, personalized, and contextualized user experiences across web and mobile apps, leveraging the latest tools and technologies both for customers’ and business stakeholders’ benefit.


Interaction Engineering can help companies meet internal as well as external objectives. From an internal standpoint, it’s a powerful tool to enable a remote workforce and transform the employee experience, and it can be used to modernize technology and/or the business. Externally, Interaction Engineering is key to transform the customer experience and, in turn, boost users’ adoption of mobile and web applications.


This approach addresses three strategic cornerstones: Design, Engineering, and Support and Maintenance.



Wipro leverages design thinking to deliver intuitive and engaging user experiences by mapping the user journey – addressing UX and visual design as well as interaction design – and embracing technologies such as voice control, augmented reality, and virtual reality.



Wipro’s user-interface design and engineering services help companies enhance their applications’ user interfaces and deliver high-performance web and mobile applications. We achieve this during web development by building intuitive single-page/responsive/progressive web applications using the latest web frameworks/libraries.



When developing mobile apps, we design native and hybrid apps for a variety of devices – smartphones, ruggedized devices, wearables, etc. – and use open-source or other mobile-app development platforms to empower companies to engage users wherever, whenever, and however they wish.


Support and Maintenance

We leverage an agile delivery model and follow a five-step digital methodology to ensure continuous delivery. This methodology includes disruptive insights, future vision, experience roadmap, experience design and continuous delivery.


Here are some samples of interaction engineering work we’ve completed with clients:

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