Organizations are accelerating their embrace of cloud technologies. In many cases, this reflects a desire to serve customers in their increasingly digital world. Yet some companies are flocking to the cloud because they’ve hit a wall when it comes to delivering new offerings and innovation using their existing IT infrastructure. The cloud allows applications to scale and evolve quickly, creating new business opportunities, boosting efficiency, improving the customer experience, and unlocking an enterprise’s economic potential. From both an economic and customer perspective, cloud-native app development is a foundational step for revenue growth.


Cloud investments are expected to double as a percentage of IT budget over the next three years. Tech-savvy enterprises are deploying game-changing technology solutions, and cloud-native applications are helping them stay ahead of the competition.


Wipro’s Cloud Migrate and Modernize service supports organizations as they migrate or modernize their applications, systems and storage to a cloud environment. Leveraging this tool, companies can achieve scalability, improve their productivity, and reduce their capital and operating costs.



Powered by Wipro Cloud Studio, this journey empowers companies to build, manage and deploy applications that take full advantage of cloud-native services provided by Google Cloud. Many enterprises have leveraged these resources with positive effect. For example, eSilicon and Google migrated about 2PB of NFS data with more than 10 billion files and several hundred virtual machines in three months — with no down time for the business. Additional benefits of an end-to-end transformation via Wipro’s all-digital solutions include:

  • Google Cloud + Wipro Accelerators – 5X speed of migration at 30% lower cost
  • Numerous Reusable Artifacts – 250+ reusable blueprints
  • Faster Deployments – 90% automated post-migration activities, enabling 3X faster cut-over
  • Industrial development approach – 20+ Approved Migration/Modernization partners


Google Innovation Arena

Wipro, in partnership with Google, has setup a Google Innovation Arena to showcase the talent, tools and best practices required for cloud-native app development and deployment on Google Cloud Platform. The Arena provides end-to-end Google Cloud offerings delivered from industrialized delivery platforms.

  • Native App Development – Host, run and scale dedicated on Google Kubernetes Engine. Wipro’s Container Accelerator helps deploy zero-touch containers at scale.
  • Migrate & Modernize – Move application workloads into the Google Cloud platform and implement the cloud strategy to build and deploy modern applications on Google Cloud.
  • Hybrid Cloud Management – Boundary Less Container Platform, powered by Google Anthos, for hybrid-cloud modernization and management.
  • Full-Stack App Monitoring – Operate IT environments on Google Cloud, ensuring higher availability with continuous monitoring and optimized cost.
  • DevTest Environment Service – Provide on-demand and on-cloud DevTest environments to the development and testing communities.
  • Collaboration, Workplace Transformation – Provide services for G Suite, Google Voice, and Contact Center AI.


For additional information about Wipro’s Google Cloud practice, visit this webpage or reach out to

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