Insurance can be a complex process for customers and insurers alike. Wipro’s Cognitive Claims Automation platform and Pega can simplify the experience for all stakeholders and reduce operational expenses for claim-handling organizations.



Using the Cognitive Claims Automation platform, customers move through the insurance-claims process with an end-to-end management system that requires minimal human intervention. A combination of chatbots, image and document analytics, and business logic-driven self-adjudication increases customers’ confidence that their claims are being handled promptly. In turn, this can improve customer loyalty and referrals.



For insurers, the solution reduces processing times and delivers significant cost savings by leveraging Pega’s omnichannel process orchestration and Wipro’s industry-leading content recognition, mobility, AI/ML, analytics, and unstructured and structured data-handling solutions. And insurance companies can achieve all this while ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements.


We invite you to watch the short video below to learn more.

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