Design, build and deliver a portfolio of digital experiences from a single dashboard with catalog-based services.


Websites, portals, webapps, microsites, landing pages … today’s marketers manage so many digital assets using different tools that the result can be complete digital chaos. When these resources are disconnected, business and IT functions become slow, inefficient, and expensive. Enterprises also risk losing their focus on customers, particularly when navigating multiple brands, geographies and channels. Marketing and IT teams need an outcome-driven, standardized digital transformation model that can scale. A model like Wipro’s Digital Foundation Factory.


Leveraging capabilities from across Wipro’s ecosystem, the Digital Foundation Factory is a powerful and comprehensive platform that puts our service catalogue at marketers’ fingertips. Services like menu-like pricing for creating pages, sites, microsites, and digital assets are presented up front via a single dashboard, enabling companies to scale their operations up and down to meet fast-evolving business needs.


Practically speaking, the Digital Foundation Factory empowers marketers with:


  • Complete transparency and predictability in your digital portfolio
  • 4 times faster delivery of assembled experiences, driven by low code/no code
  • Key compliances built into the platform
  • Content intelligence built into the system
  • Enhanced customer experiences
  • Innovation readiness


Using the Digital Foundation Factory, companies can achieve greater predictability, faster time to market, and better business outcomes.


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