Digital engagement is the ongoing conversation between a brand and its customers. Today’s customers expect a seamless and customized experience across channels, wherever and whenever they engage. Businesses are therefore under increased pressure to create new engagements faster, to increase their content agility across channels, and to acquire more customers digitally.


This has implications for enterprise IT, from needing to consolidate engagement systems across geographies, to creating an agile and scalable engagement platform, to enabling personalized content across websites and apps to better target unique segments.


Wipro’s Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) addresses these business and IT challenges for digital engagement. CEP is a unified platform that enables organizations to rollout digital-engagement solutions faster and with a lower total cost of ownership. It achieves this through three industry point solutions.

1:1 Personalizer


With the advent of digital technologies and rising customer expectations, personalization has become the key driver to growth. The 1:1 Personalizer solution enables marketers to provide one-to-one offers and actions to existing or prospective customers by leveraging tag management, data management (Customer Data Platform), and a Next Best Offer/Next Best Action (NBO/NBA) engine.


With this structure, the tag-management system tracks customer interactions across channels and transfers relevant data into CDP (Customer Data Platform). The CDP streamlines and integrates this data into unified customer profiles and helps deliver personalized experiences through an NBO/NBA engine that automatically evaluates and recommends right customer engagement / offer.


Content as a Service


Managing content across customer touchpoints has become a challenge for many global enterprises. Wipro’s Content as a Service platform allows companies to create and store content in a single repository, change it in real-time, and re-use and deliver on-demand content to any channel or platform.


This solution is built using a Headless CMS that’s seamlessly integrated with a translation-management system, external tag-management system, external digital-asset-management system, and commerce. It also comes with a pre-built content library.


Frontend Starter Kits

Wipro’s CEP leverages frequently used frontend templates that provide vanilla HTML/CSS, SPA/SSR, and Micro Frontend with a basic BFF layer, which flawlessly integrates with the backend system.


A Solution for Many Industries

Wipro’s Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) is an API-first, cloud-native system that offers infinite scaling to meet the needs of modern enterprises. Its distributed architecture (microservices and micro frontends) enable companies in any industry to benefit from next-generation customer engagements.


In the Manufacturing and Technology sector, companies can use CEP to effectively manage portals for products, customer service, dealers, suppliers, and product owners. In the Banking, Financial Services and Insurances industry, businesses can leverage CEP for those same functions, plus portals for agents, wealth management, financial rewards, investor advisory, and digital insurance. And in the Consumer Packaged Goods sector, companies can rely on CEP to enable those portals as well as portals related to loyalty programs and employees.

Key Benefits

With CEP, companies across industries can achieve tangible benefits in multiple areas.


  • Increase revenue 10-15% with a personalized customer experience (CX) across physical and digital channels
  • Boost conversion rates by 15%
  • Publish content 25-30% faster and with 10% lower total cost of ownership
  • Enable 40-50% automated content migration and 10% scalability growth
  • Facilitate a consistent and uniform CX across all touchpoints by consolidating all digital properties into a single platform
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