Websites, portals, landing pages, microsites an more websites … today marketers are tasked with managing hundreds of sites and thousands of digital assets using so many different tools, the result can be complete digital chaos. Everything is disconnected, inefficient, and expensive.


Marketing teams in a large organization face a series of challenges, especially handling Disparate/different CMS content management system (CMS) platforms used to manage global websites covering multiple countries and regions.


The challenges include:


  • Too many CMSs and various disconnected digital solutions to manage websites,microsites, portals, and landing pages.
  • Legacy CMS platforms with expensive licensing, complex implementations, and Steep learning graph often leading to 6 to 12 months of time to launch new websites.
  • Separate contractors for each country and project with different quality, pricing, and development standards.
  • Unaligned security updates and country-by-country changes to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy policies for all websites to meet corporate and industry standards.


Outdated and inconsistent designs across websites, leading to poor customer experiences.


Fortunately, there’s a simpler — and more cost-effective — way to manage an Corporate, Brand Website consolidation journey


Wipro’s Digital Foundation Factory


A centralized platform of catalog-based services and digital solutions, the platform enables an organization to design, build, deliver, govern, and run a portfolio of marketing experiences. With its range of features, an enterprise can gain a series of improvements, allowing marketing teams to focus on creating outstanding digital engagements:


  • Calm the chaos through delivering and governing hundreds of media-rich sites through one management console.
  • Reduce your spending by bringing economies of scale and cost transparency to your consolidation efforts.
  • Create a new digital foundation in less than three months.


Wipro’s Digital Foundation Factory provides a comprehensive solution to these challenges by offering catalog-based services for design, build, and run operations, including a delivery platform to enable complete end-to-end synchronization from one centrally controlled dashboard.



Wipro’s approach to delivering a modern digital foundation


  1. First steps: We start with our Vision to Value workshop to assess a client’s portfolio of sites to define the data, business, interface, and experience requirements. We also define the outcomes to achieve and plan the first pilot.


      2. Executing our “3 by 3 by 3” process: We establish the infrastructure provisioning in 3 days, set up DevOps in 3 weeks, and develop the first pilot in 3 months.


     3. Assembling and onboarding: We assemble and onboard all subsequent sites on an outcome-based model backed by a catalog of transparent services with predefined pricing.


    4. Providing a digital foundation: The end result is a single platform providing digital solutions that unify marketing outreach campaigns across CMS platforms and allow teams to collaborate more effectively and drive more personalized customer experiences.



Our approach to a steady state digital foundation factory





  • Standardized experiences through corporate, brand, and microsite templates using a single codebase, making large upgrades faster and easier.
  • Improved synergy between design and implementation through our integrated design services built on thousands of digital customer experience FTEs and over a hundred customer engagements.
  • 4X faster time to market to revamp brand sites using a low-code visual page builder.
  • Cloud-ready, DevOps-ready tools and a compliant infrastructure with no installation needed.
  • Insights on customer demands for future Innovations with Acquia’s Marketing Cloud.
  • New economies of scale and cost transparency in consolidation journeys for all marketing operations with our SLA-driven, catalog-based digital factory services.
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