Asset Modernization is a single solution, powered by cloud, intelligent automation, and advanced analytics, that allows us to turbocharge productivity, effectiveness, and extensibility across the organization. Its main goal is reducing manual efforts, enabling enrichment of product data, and centralized management with better visibility on digital asset location and movement that reside within multiple disconnected systems, information repositories and unstructured data to improve a company’s bottom line and refine a distinctive digital experience.


Market Dynamics at Play


In the Internet of Things, rich-media assets are recognized as a foundational component of the digital supply chain that stretches across the entire enterprise. Modern digital asset management (DAM) and product information management (PIM) are no longer just about marketing. With vast amounts of product data, marketing copy, content and content types available across websites, catalogs and ecommerce channels, businesses must retrieve only what’s relevant and can be reused for audiences through a foundation that enables collaboration, coordination and control of the full digital content lifecycle for both marketers and IT developers.


Opportunity at Hand


  1. Empower teams (creatives, external agencies and retailers) and enable self-serve access to brand-approved content and assets across touchpoints and channels to erode inefficiencies, inaccuracies, duplications, workflow bottlenecks, added costs and brand inconsistencies.
  2. Configure AI and machine learning as part of the smart-asset management ingestion process to help marketers make smart decisions for future marketing. It should serve as an intelligent automation tool, performing tasks such as auto-tagging content and flagging brand inconsistencies to users in real-time as they edit an asset. With brand automation, marketers should ensure that messaging exudes brand consistencyas it travels from producer to consumer in the form of a digital asset.
  3. Architect and design a solution for scale and flexibility through one hub. Not only allowing for integration with other third-party systems but also managing the configurations, security, rights allocations and subsequent use and modernized distribution methods for all content types.
  4. Deliver content operations with actionable insights and automated workflows with the use of metadata – all without a line of code.


Our Sweet Spot


Wipro Open DX has capabilities across the full cycle of digital experience, intelligent tools and our strategic partnership with the digital experience platform Acquia. Our services enable businesses to more quickly integrate marketing content and digital assets AI-powered PIMs, into a single workflow and provide an intuitive interface that evolves customer preferences.


What Makes Wipro Different?


Wipro’s expertise simplifies managing, transforming and delivering digital assets at scale from a single source of truth, for both marketers and IT content builders, and marketing efficiency with data-driven content analytics and a DX management solution.


Wipro complements technical skills and services with Acquia’s enterprise-grade, cloud-native DAM and PIM competencies to maximize the value of digital content. We deliver solutions that enable businesses to create, review, manage, distribute and analyze content across the lifecycle and support complex marketing workflows and enterprise DXP requirements. We track content usage and asset utilization for specific campaigns and asset types, identify underutilized content and understand who uses your asset management system and for what purpose (searches, shares, embeds, views, downloads).


We modernize your digital assets and unlock the full value to drive results and success through increased employee productivity and new revenue streams.


Our service solution brings order to content chaos


  1. Enabling marketers to save or trim costs and adjust marketing budgets by solving complex content platform and asset-management problems
  2. Steering marketing and content strategy with streamlined workflows
  3. Simplifying content creators and developers to catalog, search, manage and distribute content and make decisions in real-time across marketing channels
  4. Allowing brand control with the ability to distribute curated sets of branded content for any customer experience from one integrated platform
  5. Empowering users with self-serve access to assets 24/7 through one system


Reduce digital experience costs up to 60% by migrating to the Acquia and Drupal Digital Experience Platforms.


  • Zero-cost Drupal licensing
  • Enterprise-class security and stability
  • Shorter time-to-market with new digital campaigns
  • Quick new website and campaign deployment based on predefined components


We are the partner to help you reach customers on every platform by creating distinctive customer experiences that keep them coming back for more.

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