VMware Tanzu

Transform, Build and Manage Applications with Wipro and VMware Tanzu


The VMware Tanzu and Wipro partnership has brought startup velocity and agility to complex organizations, including many Fortune 500 companies. Our joint philosophy is that best-in-class technology and new ways of working, when combined, lead to winning business outcomes.


VMware Tanzu and Wipro bring distinct attributes to client initiatives. As one of VMware Tanzu’s leading transformation partners, Wipro brings expertise, scale and acceleration to users of VMware’s Tanzu application-development and Kubernetes platforms. Wipro fast-tracks clients’ transformation journey by leveraging its deep industry knowledge, global scale, proprietary accelerators, and a VMware Tanzu practice comprised of 700+ tech professionals and dedicated Centers of Excellence in Dallas and Bangalore.


Concurrently, VMware Tanzu provides a plethora of resources to build, run and manage applications integrated into a single end-to-end solution. This solution, combined with Wipro’s expertise, ensures a smooth and fast transformation journey for enterprises worldwide.


Together, Wipro and VMware Tanzu help to future-proof large, complex enterprises not by providing solutions alone, but by teaching enterprises how to build self-sufficiency and position themselves for success. You can learn more via the content below.


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