Wipro and vFunction help enterprises significantly accelerate their journey to the cloud and realize the agility, elasticity and cost-saving benefits of a cloud-native architecture. Empowered to look beyond a simple “lift and shift” approach, companies have leveraged our partnership to experience true refactoring and eliminate the “analysis paralysis” often associated with complex modernization projects.


vFunction, the only platform purpose-built for cloud native modernization, combines dynamic analysis, static analysis, AI and automation to transform any monolithic Java application into microservices. As a strategic Global Service Partner with vFunction, Wipro helps clients to:


  • Reduce from weeks to hours the time required to analyze legacy applications, identify services, and design microservices architectures.
  • Accelerate from months to days the process of microservices extraction, creation and containerization
  • Automatically create lightweight microservices
  • Expand the pool of applications that can be modernized
  • Accelerate innovation and increase customer responsiveness
  • Enable optimal cloud utilization and migration
  • Reduce risk and cost


For more information, visit the vFunction website.