Organizations across industries are embarking on technology transformation programs to effectively engage with the digital economy. The sheer number of engagement opportunities compels enterprises to invest in multiple technologies, challenging them to seamlessly integrate apps and functionalities for internal and external stakeholders alike. Together, Wipro and TIBCO offer multiple solutions to help companies manage this digital ecosystem and create an agile enterprise.


Wipro’s Digital Integration-as-a-Service platform brings together integration runtimes, tools, frameworks, support services, templates, accelerators and best practices to reduce the time it takes for large enterprises to deploy next-generation integration platforms.


Working with TIBCO, our combined tools, technologies and methodologies leverage AI, IoT, APIs and the cloud to interconnect everything. Clients look to the Wipro / TIBCO partnership to enable digital transformation that helps organizations quickly innovate and execute, reduce risk, increase efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction.


As a Strategic Partner for TIBCO, Wipro offers consulting, implementation and managed services across all TIBCO technologies. This includes next-gen integration platforms (TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition, TIBCO BusinessWorks 6, TIBCO Cloud Integration, and Mashery), streaming analytics (TIBCO StreamBase, TIBCO Live Datamart, TIBCO ActiveSpaces, and TIBCO BusinessEvents), BPM and case management (TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM), analytics and master data management (TIBCO Spotfire, TIBCO MDM, and Data Virtualization), and managed file transfer (TIBCO MF).


Our dedicated TIBCO Center of Excellence brings clients focused resources for product evaluation, proofs of concept, refining methodologies, and building solution accelerators and reusable components for TIBCO products. With this support, organizations can build compelling mobile and social customer-engagement solutions.


Some of the resources available to clients include:

  • Tools and frameworks encompassing DevOps tools/processes, service/API and event governance, comprehensive monitoring and management, and collaboration portals.
  • Managed File Transfer as-a-Service (MFTaaS), a unified, cloud-hosted solution that enables seamless integration across heterogeneous partner systems and enterprise applications.
  • Industry-specific accelerators that combine pre-built application connectors, APIs, data models and analytical models specific to an industry (e.g. a Connected Airports Pack, a Wipro/TIBCO joint solution that helps airports quickly rollout Smart Airport use cases).


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