Enabling Data warehouse modernization with Snowflake


Realize the full potential of cloud computing and accelerate time to market by modernizing your legacy data analytics infrastructure


Wipro Snowflake partnership

As an ELITE partner of Snowflake, Wipro provides enterprise customers an end-to-end solution, with a built-for-the-cloud only data warehouse and the expertise of a leading global services provider. Together, we give peace of mind to many large customers moving away from on-premise legacy environments to an all-cloud strategic deployment. Our partnership with Snowflake represents a significant, long-term commitment to help our clients streamline their operations, better serve their customers and lead in their industries.


There is a massive shift in customers migrating their entire analytics infrastructure to the cloud. In response to this trend, we have established the Snowflake Center of Excellence (CoE). This strategic initiative will help enterprises adopt a modern, scalable solution, leveraging Snowflake’s leading-edge data warehouse. The CoE provides trained consultants access to Wipro’s proprietary technology and data analytics expertise. The Snowflake partnership and new CoE together, enable us to deliver cloud-native solutions in a fraction of the time needed for a traditional migration.





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Wipro’s partnership with Snowflake enables faster performance, lower cost of ownership, elimination of duplicate data, scalability, higher value added tasks focus, improved visibility and responsiveness, and faster time to insight.


Faster Performance

Snowflake’s data engine executes data integrations, reports, and analytical workloads at scale without typical performance issues.


Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Leverage a data engine that has low management costs, low system maintenance overhead, and lower computation costs.


Eliminate Duplication & Scalability

Snowflake scales easily during heavy workloads, reducing or eliminating the need for duplicate data.


Higher Value-Added Task Focus

The ease of database management allows teams to focus on more than just maintenance and support, delivering valuable business capabilities to the organization.


Visibility & Responsiveness

Easily understand usage by business users and quickly allocate database resources to meet needs within minutes – not hours, days, or weeks.


Faster Time to Insight

Improve insights from the data repository for diverse datasets (sales, customer records, employee information). Quickly analyze information and find patterns that could improve business goals like boosting sales or improving customer service.


Key Offerings (Need to reword as required)

  • Consulting, Architecture
& Roadmap
  • Rehost, Refactor and Redesign
  • Smart consolidation
  • Performance Optimization Techniques
  • Application Support and maintenance


Solution accelerators for Snowflake:


SnowPro for Migration

Manual conversion SQL, SP, Macros are time consuming & complex tasks.

Wipro’s SnowPro ensures end to end automatic conversion of these SQLs into Snowflake Queries. The tool is recognized by Snowflake vendor and our esteemed clients. Our dedicated team will customize & enhance the tool to cover majority of code patterns.

Expected benefits : Appox 70% savings in SQL Conversion Effort using SnowPro productivity accelerator.


CDRS for Data Migration

Migration of this huge table volumes, data volumes to a new cloud database is a time consuming and erroneous process. Wipro built an automated End to End DB migration accelerator which can be used to migrate Data to Snowflake along with data reconciliation routines.

Tool provides reusable scripts for Historical data migration & Incremental loads will save migration efforts

Expected Benefits : Average 50% Productivity gains in migration effort using CDRS for data migration and reconciliation


RepoCHK for Report Validation

Validation of Reports after re-pointing the DB connection to Snowflake is an opportunity for automation. Wipro’s RepoCHK tool automates the data level validation of Reports before & after re-pointing to Snowflake DB.

Tool schedules the Test scripts, executes all test cases and provided detail summary dashboard of Test Results. Reduces overall testing efforts. Solution is scalable to high number of reports of various technologies.

Expected Benefits : 46% productivity gains in overall Report data validation effort


SNIPE for Reports Repointing

Reads and updates Report metadata and changes the Data Source connection to Snowflake automatically including DB functions. SNIPE helps in automatic DB connection changes & any DB functions changes in Models & Reports. The tool is highly scalable and provides higher efforts savings for large environments.

Rationalize the reports platform, identify unused reports to minimize efforts to re-point reports into Snowflake.

Expected Benefits :
80% efforts savings in Cognos Framework Model Connection changes
50% efforts savings in Tableau Connection changes


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