Wipro Digital and SeaLights offer multiple solutions and services to accelerate clients’ journey from quality assurance to quality engineering, empowering them to develop higher-quality code at scale.


The combination of SeaLights, an AI/ML-driven Quality Intelligence Platform, with Wipro’s proprietary code profiling and code-based regression BOTs results in “code diagnostics as a service.” These powerful insights enable companies to test incremental code changes rather than focus on legacy technical debt, enhancing the productivity of developers as well as QA engineers.


By applying advanced analytics across the software development and testing lifecycle, SeaLights helps clients increase their code-release velocity by identifying quality risks while code is developed, improving true coverage of business processes, and optimizing testing efforts by suggesting impact-based tests. This results in shorter test cycles, faster time to market, reduced costs and improved quality, all without compromising test coverage.


The Wipro Ventures portfolio company was awarded Gartner Cool Vendor status for Application Development and Platforms in May 2019. In its note, Gartner said, “Application leaders who are struggling with growing cycle times due to expanded test automation should definitely consider SeaLights.”


SeaLights builds traceability between application code and test cases, providing business-driven dashboards that empower clients to make informed decisions about release readiness. These dashboards


  • Show which areas of the code are not adequately covered across test stages and within each test stage, for any type of automated or manual test
  • Identify and prevent untested code changes from progressing across test stages and into production
  • Identify and execute only the exact, small subset of impacted tests that need to be executed for any given build, rather than running a full regression test suite


SeaLights’ offerings include:

  • Test Gap Analysis: Analyzes application code and test executions across test types (e.g. functional, regression, manual, automated) and test stages (e.g. unit, integration, system, UAT, pre-prod) over time. This helps companies identify gaps in existing tests and guide automation teams to build automated tests quickly and effectively.
  • Quality Analytics: Provides a real-time indication of the release readiness and overall quality of an application and its components. Quality gates and smart notifications allow for automated, policy-based detection and prevention of changes, with unacceptable quality risks, to be promoted or released to production.
  • Test Impact Analysis (Smart Test Execution): Analyzes application changes and automatically defines which tests need to be executed for any code change, ensuring faster testing cycles without compromising quality. By applying machine learning, SeaLights can optimize tests cycle for parallel tests, manual tests, CI Tests and complex test configurations (e.g. microservices).


Working with Wipro and SeaLights, enterprises can increase code-release velocity by reducing the length of test-execution cycles 70-80%, improve their quality 25-35% by reducing the number of defects that slip into production, and optimize their efforts by 30-40% for release quality assurance. For more information, contact us or visit the SeaLights website.