Wipro Digital and SeaLights provide dynamic code quality focused Quality Engineering solutions which help ‘democratize’ quality. Together, we accelerate our clients digital journeys towards being adaptive DevSecOps enterprises.


SeaLights brings to the table a radically new and capable approach known as Software Quality Governance (SQG).  Powered by AI/ML, Software Quality Governance helps enterprises in automated identification, management and control of every perceivable Quality Risk (critical Line of Code) across the end-to-end release pipeline (beyond the development box), for every single application code change within an enterprise. Unlike traditional Quality Management processes, Software Quality Governance is ideal for Agile and DevSecOps ways of working, enabling organizations to achieve Quality@ speed. 


SeaLights’ offerings include:

  • Software Quality Analytics:
    360-degree Test Coverage – measure holistic test coverage across unit tests, integration tests, and acceptance tests, integrating with all testing frameworks and tools
    Identify and Prioritize Risks – Analyzes the codebase, collects data from production systems, and generates 360-degree test data. It uses AI algorithms to correlate these data sets to discover every quality risk
  • Software Quality Intelligence:
    Quality Risk Intelligence – Leverage the power of AI/ML to detect and resolve quality risks as soon as they are introduced to your pipeline
    Test Quality Intelligence – Reduce wasted testing efforts. Understand which tests are actually needed
  • Enterprise-Wide Software Quality Control:
    Define policy-based software quality gates – Introduce Software Quality Governance at every software promotion candidate
    Perform risk-based test execution – Bloated test suites hurt velocity and productivity. Help teams selectively run tests without compromising on quality


SeaLights combines with Wipro’s intelliassure intelligent quality platform powered by Wipro Holmes to form an Intelligent Quality Eco- system enabling clients to improve true coverage of their business processes, optimize code compliance and risk management efforts at an enterprise level. Working with Wipro and SeaLights, our clients can improve code-release velocity by reducing the length of test-execution cycles 70-80%, improve their quality 25-35% by reducing the number of defects that slip into production, and optimize their efforts by 30-40% for release quality assurance. For more information, contact us or visit the SeaLights website.