Open source technology

Open source software (OSS) is seeing an explosion in adoption. About 95% of IT enterprises across the globe use OSS for mission-critical IT workloads, and about 60% of organizations have increased OSS usage in the last year. 70% of enterprises will increase their IT spending in OSS through 2025.


Open source software comes with permission to use, copy, and distribute, either as is or with modifications, and may be offered either free or with a charge. The source code must be made available.


The pivotal role open source plays across industries is a testament to its reliability, scalability and security. During the Covid-19 pandemic it became the preferred choice for future-proofing IT architectures, and it’s only continuing to grow. Gartner projects open source will grow by another 30% in the IT portfolio.


Wipro Open DX leverages OSS like Python, PHP, WordPress, and AngularJS, NodeJS etc. for both web and mobile, helping clients compete in their respective markets by lowering development and operational costs, enabling experimentation and prototyping, reducing the risk of vendor lock-in by and delivering at a faster pace.


Wipro’s customer engagements on WordPress go back as late as 2013 and has a team of over 20+ trained WordPress, WordPress VIP developers specializing in custom web development, WordPress theme development, plugin development, and other related services.


With more than 10+ years of PHP competency building and experience and have grown to about 150+ PHP Specialists, Wipro also has invested in PHP COE for skill enhancement, new product evaluation and POC / Accelerator creation and Tech Action Force, a Rapid Response Team that supports and addresses technical challenges in the ongoing projects and delivery.


As we continue using OSS to serve customers, Wipro helps organizations in reducing total cost of ownership, enabling better innovation, faster development, and better code quality, making us one of the leaders in providing business-changing transformations.