While speed to market has become a powerful differentiator in today’s business climate, developing and deploying smart software at scale has never been more important. By leveraging Wipro’s expertise in rapid application development and delivery with Mendix’s leading low-code platform, global enterprises can reduce their time to market and maximize their investment while fundamentally reinventing how they build applications.


With the Mendix platform, enterprises can develop intelligent and contextual apps on modernized systems that enable them to keep pace with market demands. Mendix low-code/no-code solutions enable businesses to:


  • Create strategic flexibility in all industries, from financial services and manufacturing to healthcare and more
  • Build applications faster and with fewer resources for any channel or device: online and offline, smart and connected
  • Integrate data and logic from any data source, system, or service, without being limited to a single ecosystem


Working with Wipro and Mendix, an enterprise can promote collaboration between business and IT teams, enabling companies to overcome bottlenecks and accelerate app-development while maintaining the highest standards of security, quality, and governance.


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