The need for enterprises to leverage the cloud, improve security, and contain costs has never been greater. As global companies position themselves for the new normal, even the best analytics can leave blind spots and create hurdles. To overcome these challenges and improve their resilience, businesses can look to Wipro and CAST to gain the software intelligence that matters most.


CAST, a leader in software intelligence, provides unprecedented visibility into critical data, empowering companies to rapidly analyze software and systems, and accelerate their modernization or migration of custom apps to the cloud.


CAST’s advanced analytics engine drives IT automation at the world’s largest systems integrators and generates insight into complex systems by scanning and understanding software structure, architecture, and composition. CAST can also surface complex, system-level security and resiliency flaws that other systems can’t detect yet that represent 90% of cost and impact of production issues.


Together, Wipro and CAST help digital leaders make fact-based decisions, visualize architectures, and ensure the safety and soundness of business applications and software products.


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