App Dynamics

With a strategic partnership spanning more than 5 years, Wipro and AppDynamics deliver value and a superior application experience through exclusive offerings and next-gen engagement models. We collaborate to provide domain-specific expertise to customers in multiple industries, working across digital transformation areas to make application availability a reality for enterprises and mid-size organizations worldwide. Our success on clients’ behalf has led Wipro to become a TITAN partner, the highest level in the AppDynamics ecosystem, and one of AppDynamics’ top 10 GSI partners.


Together, Wipro and AppDynamics deliver a unified, 360-degree view with application performance management, business monitoring and end-user monitoring that ensures business availability and a consistent user experience across the full technology stack, from applications to infrastructure.


Our primary areas of focus include:

  • Application Modernization
  • Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps)
  • SAP Application Insights
  • Cloud Migration and Optimization (hybrid and multi-cloud, across Microsoft Azure, AWS and GCP)


With AppDynamics, Wipro is uniquely able to show CXOs and other senior executives how application performance directly correlates to business performance. Viewing and linking revenue generation and customer-engagement levels to a major application in real-time has become a game changer in a world where “every company is a software company.” Leveraging AIOps to impact business performance has also proven an effective strategy.


With global delivery centers and joint Center-of-Excellence labs, we are an end-to-end solution partner for customers whose vision is not only to embrace technology, but to leverage their digital transformation for ongoing growth and success.  


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Wipro’s AIOps with AppDynamics;
Discover how Wipro and AppDynamics can deliver next-gen application performance monitoring services that enables rapid time-to-value.