Partnering with Acquia to innovate customer experiences

Acquia is one of the world’s leading digital experience companies, and together we’re enabling businesses to create ground-breaking advancements in customer engagements. With Wipro’s industry-specific expertise and Acquia’s transformative CX platform, businesses can optimize their digital customer engagements for greater relevance and impact.


Enhancing digital experiences with a customizable framework

Built on the open-source Drupal framework and a suite of digital experience services, the Acquia platform allows enterprises to gain valuable customer insights and build personalized connections with targeted audiences. Open source offers greater choice for customers, downward price pressure, and accelerated innovation as community development models upend the economics of traditional software R&D. This gives inherent benefits to customers–cost, flexibility, freedom, security, and accountability–that are unmatched by proprietary software.


Acquia has established itself as an innovative brand that has provided the tools needed to modernize customer engagements. ResolutionLife, Roche, and Simply Energy are among more than 4,000 organizations that have transformed their digital businesses with Acquia’s open-cloud platform. Global 2000 enterprises, government agencies, and NGOs also rely on Acquia to create new revenue streams, lower costs, and engage audiences on personal level through omnichannel engagements.


Wipro’s innovative solutions and technology depth, combined with the robustness of the Acquia platform and the cost benefit of offshore and open source, are a winning combination for global enterprises. Together, we are providing solutions to help our clients create amazing experiences for their customers. We’re helping global brands focus on the insights, interactions, integrations, and innovations that make extraordinary experiences possible.


Wipro and Acquia’s solutions and go-to-market strategies accelerate engagement processes for enterprises across the business spectrum, including financial services, life sciences, and retail industries etc. We’re helping global brands think ahead in how they approach customer engagement, empowering them to gain deeper insight into their customers and deliver extraordinary digital experiences.


Delivering data-driven campaigns that result in brand loyalty

For digital marketers and other practitioners, the Acquia platform includes tools that gather customer behaviour data so that teams can personalize sites and convert visitors into loyal customers. Delivered from a resilient cloud model, Acquia also supports DevOps best practices and helps drive agility, freeing brands to focus on their customers and not their data centres.


Staying competitive requires the ability to stay in step with customer expectations, and Wipro and Acquia can help companies strengthen their customer connections, with enhanced data operations and future-ready scalability.



Capabilities across the full cycle of digital experience, intelligent tools, and our strategic partnership with the digital experience platform Acquia. Our services enable businesses to integrate marketing content and digital assets AI-powered PIMs more quickly, into a single workflow and provide an intuitive interface that evolves customer preferences.


Digital Foundation Factory

A comprehensive and an intelligent platform for building, hosting and managing a portfolio of personalised contextual experiences, at scale, from a single dashboard with catalog-based service to drive engagement and revenue.


Replace the Agency, Manage the change

A single source of truth that harnesses machine intelligence to drive prescriptive customer actions by disseminating the right content formats to audiences at the appropriate time, elevating experiences over time. It empowers the hub users control, with the ability to access, contribute and execute with scale, agility, automation and cost transparency.