The buzz around “digital transformation” has infiltrated the industry for nearly half a decade, with companies large and small leveraging new age technologies to better serve their customers or streamline operations. But, are companies truly reaping intended ROI for their digital efforts? In a recent feature story,’s Clint Boulton examines the top 12 reasons why companies are coming up short on digital transformation – and why the time is now for companies to rethink their digital strategy before it grinds to a standstill.


Referencing findings from Wipro Digital’s 2017 Digital Transformation survey, the feature outlines the top obstacles derailing digital efforts, including a lack of CEO sponsorship, talent deficiency, resistance to change.


The article concludes with a quote from Rajan Kohli (Senior Vice President and Global Head, Wipro Digital), delving into the internal & leadership-related obstacles inhibiting digital transformation. “Digital transformation efforts are coming up short on intended ROI,” Kohli says. “It is in part because digital transformation is as much a leadership issue as it is a strategy, technology, culture and talent issue.”


The full article can be viewed here.

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