The Intersection conference on Strategic Enterprise Design brings together thinkers, doers and leaders with a rich diversity of backgrounds at Canòdrom in Barcelona. This year we invite all enterprise rebels to share their perspectives on making change happen in complex environments, and exchange thinking, approaches and tools.


Session: Enterprise Design @Speed & Scale: Disruptive Vision & Adaptive Architecture
Speaker: Trishit Sengupta Chief Architect – Business Change, Wipro Digital
When: Friday, September 8, 13:45 – 14:30
Where: Conference Room


Transformation and relevance are becoming synonymous – much faster than one could imagine. The way we live, think, collaborate and do business is continuously disrupted by innovative, insightful and transformative changes. To maintain relevance, every business must be redesigned at rapid pace and scale, delivering differentiating and sustainable customer experience.


The world is in unprecedented flux and experiencing one of the fundamental shifts in history.  To remain relevant, enterprises are on the journey of transforming into experience delivery platform, radically moving away from traditional product / service based business model. Hence, crafting and realising transformative vision centred around customer experience became pivotal.


The above (What) is obvious to some extent. Key question / challenge lies in how to design business and underpinning capabilities to successfully deliver such change. Adding to the challenge, the required pace and scale of change often become as difficult as the concept of change itself.


Carefully crafted innovative business transformation feels like a magic, happening at the intersection of strategy, design and technology.


Starting with the context of strategic business capability design, Trishit will focus on how to conceptualise, architect and realise differentiating capabilities using a thoughtful mix of design thinking, business capability architecture, customer journey engineering and rapidly emerging new age technologies. Couple of ambitious, high impact examples will also be used to provide practical context to the topic.

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