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Join us at Hannover Messe 2018, where member companies will be presenting on their latest Industrial Internet innovations and still more will be demonstrating innovative testbeds designed for the industrial Internet.


Talk@1: Accelerating the Industrial Internet through testbeds – Panel Discussion
25 April 01:00 PM – 02:00 PM | Hall 8, Stand D17
Topic: Digital Factory
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Delivering Interoperable Reference Solutions for I4.0 & Industrial Internet – Lecture
26 April 01:00 PM – 02:00 PM | Hall 8, Stand D17
Topic: Industrie 4.0
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Smart Manufacturing

Wipro’s Smart Manufacturing solution foster collaboration across the Detect, Analyze, Decide, and Act cycles to enable near real-time insights-based decision making during production. Building this capability involves gathering raw data from multiple sources (machines, processes, systems and people) to provide shop-floor to top-floor visibility, analysing this information in a holistic manner to provide actionable and contextual insights, and most importantly digitizing the action and collaboration mechanism which can be used to propagate best practices and build a body of knowledge for manufacturing operations.


The solution helps to identify the source and cause of the defect automatically in real-time or predicts it even before its occurrence. The stakeholders are alerted and the resolution process is initiated immediately without affecting the production process. The solution can also track the status of the actions initiated in real-time and the same can be shared with the shop floor and top management. Thus, by bringing in all off the radar conversations into the system, the learnings from the event are captured and stored in the system for future reference. These continuous learnings can be used to build a body of knowledge about the manufacturing processes. The same can be leveraged to strengthen the closed loop between Product/ Service Lifecycle Management and Product Engineering Design.


For more information, speak with Hanspeter Meindl.


Smart Product Lifecycle Management

Manufacturing companies have digitized engineering & manufacturing through digital definition of the product (CAD), mock-up, product lifecycle management (PLM), enterprise resource planning, manufacturing process management (MPM) & manufacturing execution (MES), thereby creating engineering & manufacturing digital lifecycle value chains to track what is engineered and manufactured.


The feedback loop from [smart & connected] physical products to [functional, software. hardware, requirement driven, behavioral] engineering converges both the physical and digital worlds, and unlocks business value. The solution/use-case demonstrate Product as-a-service business model and future service transformation concepts from smart & software controlled products. The product in demo is smart washing machine. The data generated from washing machine during operation stages is captured in IOT platform which provides insights into its performance, consumer usage and product failure patterns which will intern help R&D and Engineering groups to root cause the failures, improve product design and serviceability.


For more information, speak with Srinivasa Kompella.

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