Last week, Wipro had the opportunity to host Professor Harald Haas at the Bangalore EC campus. For those of you who are not familiar with Professor Haas, he is a physicist and professor of mobile communications at the University of Edinburgh. He is also the inventor of “LiFi,” a technology he shared during his Ted Talk, when he outlined the idea of using light bulbs as wireless routers.


Li-fi is a disruptive technology that uses the visible light spectrum to transmit information at very high speeds, in contrast to established forms of wireless communication such as Wi-Fi uses traditional radio frequency (RF) signals to transmit data. “pureLiFi,” a company Haas founded with a group of researchers, has already created two products which are bound to completely disrupt a number of industries, least of which, is IoT communications.


Haas addressed a packed room of eager Li-Fi fans and curious Wiproites on this technology, which is predicted to grow to a USD 113 billion global industry by 2020. The live Li-Fi demo was followed by a panel discussion hosted by Hari Kishan Burle (VP, Global Enterprise Architecture, Wipro). The panel also addressed the industry applications of Li-Fi, with a perspective from the energy industry by Johan Krebbers (Shell IT CTO & VP, TacIT Architecture).


The panel (left to right): Prof. Haas, Johan Krebbers and Hari Burle


Prof. Haas presenting his Li-Fi demo


We look forward to inviting many more such distinguished industry speakers and personalities. To all those who attended, a big thank you for making this a success. Stay tuned for more.


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