Modern enterprises must constantly adapt to their ecosystem with Cloud, DevSecOps, and microservice-first strategies. With dozens of builds per day and countless tools used by multiple personas to support delivery pipelines, the number of software quality risks has increased dramatically. Ensuring that these critical initiatives are future-proof requires application estates to be flexible, resilient, and intelligent, but traditional quality-management strategies no longer work. To build applications faster, with less effort, and with quality embedded early, engineering needs to be ‘democratized’ across the enterprise.


During this webinar, Arun Melkote, VP and Global Head of Application Engineering and Modernization at Wipro Digital, and Eran Sher, CEO and Co-Founder of SeaLights, share how enterprises can conceive and launch quality-driven disruptive solutions with just a few clicks. While addressing current trends and challenges, the presenters outline how Wipro and SeaLights enable Intelligent Quality powered by AI/ML at scale to accelerate digital transformation and build an adaptive enterprises.



Key lessons during this webinar include:

  • How Software Quality Governance (SQG) can drive improvements to software quality at every level of the organization
  • How SQG is implemented and provides real-time insights in context to every stakeholder and every control point
  • Critical parameters and elements to strategize around for a journey towards Democratized Application Engineering
  • How an AI/ML-driven Intelligent Quality Ecosystem powered by Wipro IntelliAssure and SeaLights can help accelerate this journey for Quality at Speed
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