Date: Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Time: 8:30 AM PST | 11:30 AM EST | 9:00 PM IST


An enterprise’s choice of architectural style can have a telling impact on its development, innovation, and ability to embark on a digital transformation journey. When compared with a monolithic architecture representing an entire system, a cloud-native architecture that leverages self-contained microservices empowers companies to build, test, deploy, and update faster and easier. Join this webinar to gain insights about how to maximize the benefits of a cloud-native approach.

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Microservices architecture is fast emerging as the new style for building applications. Enterprises are breaking monolithic applications into microservices for improved flexibility, increased scalability, and quicker deployments. Public cloud platforms and microservices form a potent combination to accelerate the modernization journey. In this webinar, experts from Wipro and vFunction will share details about:

  • The end-to-end process to develop cloud-native application architecture
  • Automating the process of breaking monolith application into microservices
  • How public cloud services can accelerate the digital innovation journey


Meet the Speakers

Akhilesh Laddha

Cloud Practice Director, Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff, Wipro Digital

Akhilesh has 20+ years of IT experience across industry verticals, 7+ years in Enterprise Architecture, Cloud Consulting, Cloud application migration, Cloud solution development & executing large transformation projects across cloud platforms. He is also a certified AWS & Azure Solution Architect.


Moti Rafalin

CEO & Co-Founder, vFunction

Moti is a software executive and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the enterprise software market with a focus on infrastructure and security. He is the CEO & Co-Founder of vFunction, which was founded in 2017 with the ambitious mission to accelerate enterprises’ journey to cloud native architecture. Prior to vFunction, Moti and his team founded WatchDox, a leader in the secure enterprise mobility and collaboration space, which was sold to Blackberry in 2015.

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