Wipro @WEF 2018 – The Connected Future, As We See It

Jayraj Nair, VP and Global Head of IoT, in conversation with our chief storyteller Bianca Ghose on the new-age smart solutions that will help create value for customers, at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2018.

Wipro @WEF 2018 – Security in IoT- Protecting Data & Privacy in An Era of Cyber Attacks

IoT will transform the enterprise as it connects billions of devices and creates new service experiences and revenue. At the same time, each new data breach instils fear in consumers and provokes questions about the security of data. With IoT increasing the amount of data that can be hacked, how will enterprises ensure the security of their IoT data? Watch our panel discussion, from Davos, to know it all.

Wipro @WEF 2018 – IoT, Data and Sustainability- Disconnected or Symbiotic Corporate Priorities

A new report by Wipro Digital and Forum for the Future finds that 98% of business leaders see IoT contributing to sustainable future. But only half are taking action. In this fireside chat from Davos, we discuss the barriers and opportunities for IoT and data to contribute to a sustainable future.


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