Engaging with disparate business units and customers is often complex and challenging. Modern enterprises have a variety of integration needs: integrating a legacy infrastructure with modern applications, cloud environments with on-premises systems, systems of records with customer-facing experiences, and more. These efforts consume an alarming amount of resources, time, and cost – but they don’t have to.


In our recent webinar with Boomi, Hemantha Kumar C, Global Practice Head of Digital Business Integration at Wipro Ltd., Selvan Nagaraja, General Manager of AEM Solutions at Wipro Ltd., and Ed Macosky, SVP and Head of Products at Boomi, shared their insights on how pervasive integration can help companies drive faster business outcomes through connectivity, modernization, transformation, and innovation.

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Watch this webinar to learn how Wipro and Boomi’s solutions can accelerate digital integration tasks and improve operations by leveraging pervasive connectivity. Delivered in a multitenant, self-service, and shared-services model, our Digital Integration as a Service (DIaaS) solution empowers businesses to overcome their pervasive integration challenges across the distributed enterprise landscape, delivering the following results:

  • Improved time to market for new products and services.
  • An increase in operational efficiency of up to 30%.
  • Actionable visibility, leading to a 40% reduction in the meantime to recovery (MTTR) with business transaction monitoring.
  • Faster speed and a 30% effort reduction by using DevOps principles.


To know more about Wipro – Boomi integration solutions, contact Surbhi Bansal.

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