What is the usability crisis? The ubiquitous presence of complex and confusing technology in our everyday lives. But shouldn’t technology be making our lives easier?


Great questions, right? You can expect even greater answers. But there’s a catch.


We need you to vote for our session through the SXSW Panel Picker so that WE can discuss it.


Vote for us, and you’ll join leading industry designers and developers from Designit and Wipro Digital for a rousing discussion on and around how we can turn the design approach upside down to end the global usability crisis, and move toward “human-shaped technology” that is user friendly and driven to create better experiences.


We’ll also discuss what companies can do to address the usability crisis, and how we can shift from developing more technology (products or experiences) to developing better, smarter technology. There’s lots to talk about, but we need your help.


So give us your vote and we’ll see you at SXSW 2017!



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