Last week the team from Wipro Digital attended the Adobe Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah. Billed as the largest digital marketing conference in the world, the conference hosts 7,000 digitally like-minded individuals all focused on learning how to earn the trust of their colleagues, the praise of their leadership and the business from their clients.


The conference, running for four days and for that matter, four nights as well, is tightly wound around Adobe marketing products and services. It no doubt provides a tremendous opportunity to experience and collaborate on digital marketing best practices from some of the top organizations and people in the business and entertainment world through a myriad of sessions and hands on labs.


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Highlighting the Adobe Summit experience was a series of keynote sessions every morning that focused on individual stories of challenge and accomplishment. Each story, more compelling than the next, proceeded to illustrate the obstacles that we all face and can overcome. From scaling the highest mountains, feeding the poor, playing in the NFL, writing bestselling books or selling Girl Scout cookies, each keynote indirectly focused on the challenges that all digital marketers face, which is trust. Whether it’s trust with your team to get the job done, in your product to perform, the service you provide or your client, we all have that common thread of doubt, hope and opportunity.

After 4 intense days of meeting and greeting existing, new and or potential vendors, partners and clients, we asked our Wipro Digital teammates for their thoughts and takeaways of what Adobe Summit 2015 meant for them.


WD Adobe


Thematically, the conference and its sessions repeatedly touched on the fact that the lines between product and marketing are blurring, with consumer experiences reaching across devices and locations. This seemed to be echoed by Digant Shah who noted that “most of these organizations (at Adobe Summit) are struggling to reimagine the customer experience and how to deliver it with velocity and scale necessary to remain relevant in today’s digital age.”


As such, relevance in today’s digital marketplace seems to be about fluid experiences, according to keynote speaker, Laurie Buckingham, chief development officer at Coca-Cola, and not necessarily omnichannel experiences.


While relevance may indeed be about fluid experiences, those experiences do not happen without a tight integration of technology, design and strategy, which to some Wipro Digital booth visitors, was a pleasant surprise and differentiator from the other companies at Adobe Summit. In fact, while the fluid customer experience was indeed front and center at Summit, Wipro Digital was one of the few companies present who stressed the importance of design and “designing” customer-centered, creative experiences, as noted by Rich Marks.


What you’ve read here? Tip of the iceberg. Are you ready to be part of the excitement?