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The Chelsea Foundation linked up with our global digital and IT partner Wipro and online learning provider to host a Digital Camp for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.


Taking place at Stamford Bridge, the camp aimed to enhance the career opportunities of the Year 8 students by introducing them to the digital skills and knowledge which are vital for improving modern-day employment prospects.


With the additional aim of helping to reduce youth unemployment, the Foundation welcomed the students to the on-site classrooms at the Bridge and used the appeal of football and Chelsea to engage, motivate and inspire the participants over the two-day course.


The Foundation’s coaches were also on hand to provide a practical football training session on the second day of the course to promote teamwork, confidence and discipline.


Earlier that day, Wipro had passed the knowledge and experience gathered from their time in the information technology business in a session designed to encourage design and creative thinking, explaining the role of technology within the creative process and the importance of original ideas to content creation.


‘We had a workshop on design thinking, an approach used in business and the creative industry which is very important today, and will be even more important tomorrow,’ explained Wipro director of research and insight Patrizia Bertini.


‘We didn’t spend time talking about the process, we just got wild and threw ideas around, understanding the problem and figuring out a solution which could improve a football club’s experience.’


The students from Chiswick School spent their first day at Stamford Bridge taking part in online lessons provided by, enabling them to learn new skills, expand their digital knowledge and increase their confidence with online learning.


They involved sessions learning how to use software to edit photos, create websites and produce computer animation.


It wasn’t just about helping the students over the two days of the Digital Camp, though, as everyone taking part was also given a free trial, a year’s subscription to Adobe’s Creative Cloud software and a license for Reallusion’s Crazy Talk 7 animation software, enabling them to continue learning and developing their digital skills in their own time.


Chelsea Foundation head of education Matt Mead added: ‘This is our first Chelsea Foundation Digital Camp in association with Wipro and, and we’re trying to give these underprivileged kids from west London an opportunity to realise their potential, show them things they’ve never been shown before, so as they grow up and make decision in life they will know what’s available to them and won’t hide away from technology or find it overwhelming.’


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