Wipro was a track sponsor for Tricentis Virtual Summit 2020, a virtual conference specializing in Continuous Testing for Enterprises. The event brought together global thought leaders and testing experts from the entire testing and DevOps ecosystem to discuss ways for software testing to accelerate digital transformation.


During the event, Ramesh Pai, General Manager and Global Head for Quality Engineering and Testing at Wipro Digital, gave a presentation titled Strategizing a “Happily Ever After” for Enterprise Transformation Clients. His presentation, which you can watch below, included several best practices and success stories from Wipro Digital’s transformation experiences.



Wipro is a strategic partner with Tricentis. Through our partnership, we offer consulting, implementation and managed services across all Tricentis platforms to help enterprises drive digital transformation at scale.


In addition to the presentation above, Wipro Digital hosted a virtual booth at which attendees could explore how modern testing practices help companies to accelerate their digital transformation.


Meet the Speaker



Ramesh Pai

Global Head, Quality Engineering and Testing

Wipro Digital



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