Wipro is a platinum sponsor of SpringOne 2020, an online event being held September 2-3 to teach attendees best practices for getting apps to production. From 9AM – 6PM EDT each day, SpringOne’s virtual attendees will listen to dynamite speakers and attend breakout sessions spread across five tracks and interactive workshops.


Join Wipro’s Banu Parasuraman for “Improving Your Company’s Health with Middleware Takeout,” a session exploring how Spring developers, architects, and technologists can help their company’s C-suite adopt a middleware takeout approach to reduce operating costs, especially CAPEX and OPEX.


This three-step approach, which has worked for Fortune 500 companies and can be embraced by any enterprise, helps companies:

  • Eliminate tech debt
  • Eliminate the need for licensing
  • Eliminate vendor lock-in


Learn more about this exciting session and others by visiting the SpringOne 2020 website.


About the Speaker


Banu Parasuraman, Chief Technologist, Wipro Digital

Banu is a Chief Technologist at Wipro Digital’s VMware Tanzu practice and has more than 25 years of enterprise IT experience working at top-tier automobile manufacturing companies in Detroit. He has worked in numerous enterprise verticals and horizontals, including supply chain, manufacturing, plant floor, corporate IT, security, infrastructure and data.

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