Designit and Wipro Digital spent an amazing afternoon workshopping with kids from the Boys & Girls Club, exploring the future of sport and training, together with Chelsea FC.


Designit was thrilled to co-host a Digital Inspiration Camp for 30 underserved teenagers from the Boys & Girls Club from the Los Angeles Area and Ventura County, CA, together with Wipro Digital and Chelsea Football Club. The half-day event included football clinics led by Chelsea FC coaches and guided workshops on design and critical thinking led by Designit’s Global Managing Director, Humberto Matas, and the team.


We were very excited to bring this opportunity to the kids and the community to share how design and technology play a role in sports, and how it affects what Chelsea does on and off the field. – Ian Woodroffe, Chelsea Head of International Development


The Future of Sport and Training was an interactive workshop, exploring the current state, trends and future of sports technology. Together, the group went through Designit’s service design process and creative facilitation process, brainstorming and presenting ideas and possible solutions at the intersection of technology and sports.


Events - Helping kids explore the future of sport with Chelsea FC 1


“The kids are learning life skills around collaboration, how to think critically, and how to present their findings to their peers,” said Omar Zapata, Director of Programme Services for Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Oxnard and Port Hueneme. “These are important takeaways that will help them succeed in all aspects of their life – whether as an entrepreneur pitching to a venture capitalist or a CEO drawing from other disciplines to come up with new ideas. This is also a huge soccer community and we’re incredibly honoured to have Chelsea FC here to provide some world-class coaching to our kids.”


Events - Helping kids explore the future of sport with Chelsea FC 2


“Wipro Digital, Designit and Chelsea Football Club are proud to have teamed up to create this impactful experience for the kids of the local Boys & Girls Clubs, and to share our expertise in the intersection of design, technology and sports. We are 100% committed to imparting the right skills, particularly in design and technology to the kids,” said Humberto Matas, Global Managing Director, Designit.


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