Date: Tuesday, November 3, 2020
Time: 9:30 AM PST | 11:30 AM CT | 12:30 PM EST | 10:00 PM IST


A company’s architectural style can have a telling impact on its development, innovation, and agility to embark on a digital transformation journey. Cloud-native architectures leveraging microservices are faster to build, test, deploy, and update compared to monoliths representing an entire system. Each microservice is a self-contained individual service, making deployment simpler due to smaller and separately loadable entities, and compelling companies to only test the services that change.


Not surprisingly, microservices are fast emerging as the new architectural style to build applications. To gain the full flexibility, scalability and speed benefits of microservices-based architecture, companies need a world-class cloud platform and a seasoned partner. The majority of all containers in the cloud run on AWS, and the platform includes a range of options and tooling for compute, monitoring, logging, and deployment when building microservices.

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In this webinar, learn how Wipro and AWS help companies:
Adopt end-to-end processes to develop a cloud-native application architecture
Automate the process of breaking monolith applications into microservices
Discover what it takes to build, deploy, and manage microservices-based applications on AWS


Meet the Speakers:

Akhilesh Laddha
Cloud Practice Director, Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff, Wipro Digital
Akhilesh has 20+ years of IT experience across industry verticals, 7+ years in Enterprise Architecture, Cloud Consulting, Cloud application migration, Cloud solution development & executing large transformation projects across cloud platforms. He is also a certified AWS & Azure Solution Architect.


Kelly Looney
Global DevOps SI Practice Lead, Amazon Web Services
Kelly is a 30+ year veteran in the software development arena. He has built software in everything from assembly language to Smalltalk, Unix/C, and to Kubernetes and Lambda. He has taken an abiding interest in improving organization’s software delivery from Agile, to DevOps, to Serverless and NextOps. Kelly has been lucky enough to work directly with luminaries such as Kent Beck, Jez Humble, Damon Edwards, Craig Larman, Kenny Rubin, and Dick Gabriel. He has worked in successful startups (ParcPlace, Activerse) and consulting organizations (Thoughtworks, CAP Gemini Sogeti, Booz Allen Hamilton) in a variety of industries.  At AWS, Kelly works with partners in the DevOps space to help solve customer problems and set the stage for modern high velocity, extra stable, and secure systems.


Subrahmanyam Madduru
Global Solutions Architect Leader, Amazon Web Services
Subrahmanyam owns the technical relationship with Global System Integrators, advises them in building AWS based solutions, develops and executes sales & technical strategies, presents in conferences, and authors blog posts. He has 20+ years of experience in delivering enterprise solutions and the last 10 years using cloud native and hybrid cloud architectures. He is currently focusing on Manufacturing, Automotive, Energy and Utilities verticals.


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