Join Designit and our friends at Wipro Digital as we host seven screenings of the new documentary, Design Disruptors.



Are you interested in discovering how design has transformed some of the world’s most influential brands, shaking up billion dollar industries?


Then join Designit and our friends at Wipro Digital as we host seven screenings of the new documentary, Design Disruptors: How Design Became the New Language of Business. The film weaves together inspiring true stories of designers who have gone against the grain and have completely changed their respective industries by adopting a “fierce focus on customer-centric product design”.


Fifteen of the world’s most disruptive companies are featured, including:


  • John Maeda, Design Partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers and former President of the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)
  • Daniel Burka, Design Partner at Google Ventures
  • Frank Yoo, ‎Director of UX and Product Design for Lyft
  • Ryan Donahue, Vice President of Global Design at Zendesk
  • Andy Law, Lead Mobile Product Designer at Netflix
  • Julie Zhuo, Vice President of Product Design at Facebook
  • Katie Dill, Director of Experience Design at Airbnb
  • Tobias Van Schneider, Former Lead Product Designer and Art Director at Spotify
  • Aarron Walter, Vice President of Design Education at InVision and founder of UX practice at MailChimp


Ultimately, the film is a tribute to the transformative power of design and beautifully illustrates the role designers play in bringing forth real opportunity for both businesses and consumers alike.


At each screening, Designit and Wipro Digital will create a space for the local design and business communities to come together for an evening of discussion and networking. Inspired by the film, we expect to have a lively conversation about how world-class strategy, design, and agile continuous delivery of technology can drive business transformation. Sound like something you’d like to join in on? Check out our event page to register your interest for a screening near you.


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