The Adobe Symposium is the largest digital marketing event in Australia and provided a great opportunity for Wipro to connect with current and prospective clients. In our presentations, we focused on the benefits of combining strategic design and engineering with new ways of working that blend creativity, customer centricity, relevant content and insights through data on a global scale.


Key themes for the event included succeeding in digital transformation, maximizing cross-channel opportunities, leveraging the Adobe Digital Marketing Cloud, and strategies for improving campaigns.


Visitors were interested in understanding how strategic design helps ensure better outcomes for businesses and customers alike. We spoke about how human-centred design focuses on identifying the right problems for customers, ultimately saving money and time.


We also addressed competition and disruption, and the need to change how products and services are designed. Speed to market is the new goal, and many organisations aren’t prioritizing that. We promoted Wipro’s approach through our ‘digital lighthouses’ and academy, which focus on innovation, ideation and accelerated delivery to help our clients succeed.


Watch Keynotes here.

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