Two weeks ago, the Adobe Summit crossed the North Atlantic and landed in London. As official sponsors, we at Wipro Digital joined a select group of organizations in the showcase arena, to greet and entertain approximately 4,000 attendees, all eager to hear the latest from the world leaders in digital marketing. As expected, Adobe revisited themes already covered in the Utah Summit and put on a lavish 2-day event packed with (super) excited executive keynotes, celebrity talks, panel discussions, breakout sessions and indie rock bands.


So far, so familiar… a cookie-cutter digital marketing conference done big… hardly worthy of a blog post.


And yet, there was something different about the experience this year. For me, the standout, blog-worthy factor was how Adobe really “walked-it” when it came to Social – before, during and after the event. It had personality.




From the corporate mouthpiece accounts to the execs and product managers, everyone was just as active, engaged and responsive in the parallel virtual event as they were during the conference itself. Virtual integration was evident in the live video streaming accessible to all via Periscope. Social was up front and center on showcase tweet walls, keynote voting and competitions. An event app tied it all together and even booked priority passes for the breakouts.

To boil it down, a barrel-load of advanced digital marketing techniques was delivered dynamically, seamlessly, in real-time, at scale, AND right in front of us.


The Summit’s “virtual event” gave access to Adobe execs, SME’s and people who might share the same problem as you. Hell, it provided access to people who just wanted to share “stuff’” or thoughts, whether they were in the physical space or not. It gave ACCESS.


While the conference itself gave focus, the blending of digital and real-life experience is where the immeasurably-improved, overall event really happened.


Adobe Summit EMEA Becomes Social & Accessible


Unfortunately, Benedict Cumberbatch didn’t appear on the scene in “character.” Had he, I’d imagine him as Khan, the wonderful Star Trek villain he played a couple of years ago. He’d have stood there on the stage and looked out at the thousands of marketers, IT professionals and digital transformation experts with iPhones in hand, photographing, twittering, video blogging, communicating… And he’d have said in his beautiful voice, “Adobe SUMMIT 2015. It was (dramatic pause)… Better.”


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