Date: November 18, 2020

Time: 10:30 AM – 11.30 AM EST

            4:30 PM – 5.30 PM CET

            9:00 PM – 10 PM IST


As customer behaviors have shifted online, it’s become clear that consumers’ embrace of eCommerce will continue post pandemic. This has driven consumer enterprises to strategically assess their digital and omni-channel capabilities to remain competitive. While social platforms expand their reach to end customers, a reimagined role of AI in quality engineering, testing practices and governance can accelerate their quality journey.


Join Wipro, Tricentis, Headspin and SeaLights for an insightful webinar about Accelerating consumer enterprise digital journey with intelligent quality. This webinar will share how consumer-focused enterprises are leveraging modern testing practices and delivery techniques to transform into intelligent quality enterprises.

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Attendees will learn how their business can:

  • Accelerate their release cycles by up to 80%, improve the speed of their end-to-end test automation rates up to 90%, and obtain more than 85% business risk coverage
  • Increase code-release velocity by reducing the length of test-execution cycles 70-80%
  • Improve quality 25-35% by reducing the number of defects that slip into production, and optimize efforts by 30-40% for release quality assurance
  • Optimize 30% of their automation suite by leveraging continuous and risk-based optimizations


Key Topics

  1. How a continuous testing platform can accelerate testing to keep pace with Agile and DevOps
  2. How quality engineering powered by AI/ML can help deliver best-in-class digital assurance services to enterprises
  3. How Software Quality Governance help enterprises to balance Quality at speed with quality focus on dynamic quality of code


Meet the speakers

Ramesh Pai, GM & Global Head, Quality Engineering and Testing at Wipro Digital


Bill Hayden, Director of Solution Architecture at Tricentis


Eravi Gopan, SVP Solutions and Ecosystems at HeadSpin


Scott Dainty, Head of Enterprise Sales at SeaLights


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