The world’s second-largest producer of uncoated free-sheet paper wanted to accelerate growth in its personal care division, which designs and manufactures high-quality branded and partner-branded products. Migrating to a new eCommerce platform would be critical, as would upgrading its B2B/B2C portal to provide an improved customer experience that made relevant product information more readily available. While enabling these new upselling opportunities, the paper-goods leader also wished to reduce costs where possible.



Among the company’s top priorities was enabling users to easily find and discover new products. In addition, the paper-products leader wanted to add a variety of new content to the portal, including product details, blogs, product-selection pages, and industry partners. Beyond promoting increased user engagement, this functionality would ideally drive sales.


The company’s existing content-management system (CMS) posed several challenges to updating content on its personal care division website. It also incurred high licensing costs. Wipro migrated content from the paper-good leader’s existing CMS to a new commerce platform and transformed the B2B/B2C portal with 105 new features. Wipro also revamped product pages to showcase product-line variants using new features such as related products, specialty size options, and contextual articles. All of this new content could be easily published and updated with a new authoring experience.


Enhancing the overall UX required more than content. It also meant revamping and unifying the brand experience. Wipro worked with the paper-goods company to visualize and develop a modernized interface that used just 25% of the client’s existing design elements yet adhered to its style guide. The UI also infused new interactivity into the commerce experience while enabling cross-device functionality (mobile phones, tablets and desktops).


By incorporating site search functionality, the transformed commerce portal allowed users to easily discover and select new products that matched their needs. Wipro also implemented Salsify and Google Analytics, empowering the paper-goods leader to track and monitor website performance in real-time and make updates where appropriate.


The entire project was completed in 3.5 months.



The paper-goods leader saw a notable improvement in website performance, accessibility, and user experience, with the platform contributing to a 50% increase in website traffic. In addition, the restructured information and custom-built responsive UI enabled users to seamlessly navigate the site regardless of device or browser to find new and related product information.

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