One of the world’s leading enterprise IT systems providers had experienced significant growth since spinning-off from its parent company. The company recognized the importance of evolving its .NET commerce platform to accommodate greater demand for custom configurations amid a booming enterprise-transformation market and increased competition. With a new commerce solution, the enterprise IT leader could reduce customers’ reliance on long and often offline sales processes, engage customers in new ways, and deliver extensive end-to-end service throughout the custom-purchase journey.




Wipro designed an end-to-end digital buyer journey based on ease of customization and decision making. Recognizing how customers were buying offline from dealers, Wipro broke down the customer buying journey into individual steps and designed a digital buying journey around those insights. A new e-commerce portal blending Mirakl Marketplace and SAP Commerce offered an integrated eCommerce store that was agile and scalable, automating quotes and pricing, giving customers a faster buying experience.




The eCommerce store offered more than 100,000 products with 200+ configurations per product and 50+ preconfigured bundles, increasing the options for SMB buyers looking for customization. With configurations done online and the availability of instant pricing, sales and payments for individual buyers could be completed in minutes without any sales rep involvement. This was a dramatic improvement over previous processes, with a manual quotation and ordering process that took days or weeks to complete. The new portal also improved client engagement, with visits to the site increasing by 500% after launch. And, with more than 1,000 orders placed via the portal in 2020 alone, the eCommerce site generated an extra $20 million in revenue for the enterprise IT leader.

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